It is our school philosophy that children learn best from first hand experiences. No child will remember pages 8 or 9 of a text book and no former pupil has ever stopped their teacher and personally thanked them for the worksheet they gave them to complete! However children do remember well planned and thought out enrichment activities such as school visits, workshops and theatre company visits.

Staff plan enrichment activities within all year groups to enhance our curriculum still further as well as to give the children experiences that they may well not be able to get within school.

This year there have been a vast array of enrichment activities in school which have helped to make the children's learning real. These are an integral part of our school curriculum and bring learning to life in a wide range of contexts.

Once again members of staff have given up their weekends and holidays to visit locations before the trip takes place and attend outdoor educational experiences to ensure that the children's learning experience is maximized.

Please take a look at the attachments below that outline our enrichment activities for 2015-16 and 2016-17.

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