Towering Achievements!

Date: 4th Nov 2017 @ 8:26pm

Welcome back to a new half term!  Thank you for all the comments regarding the tests.  I know there was a mix of scores, and sometimes these scores can be confusing.  Bear in mind that we are still very early in the year, and that I am happy with the progress being made in all three year groups.

As Tuesday was Hallowe'en, we spent the early part of the week working on some really scary haunted house stories.  These turned out well, and I was pleased to see that we were applying the sentence work we had done, in our writing.  Handwriting continues to improve too!  By the way, the children looked amazing in their costumes!

We have started to look at fractions in Maths.  Each year group has had their own focus, but all of us have been grappling with the idea of the lowest common denominator, and how to find it!  Everyone has worked hard and I know some of the children have come home ready to teach you about the work they have done!

In Science we are now looking at light.  This week, this meant discovering that light travels in straight lines and how it enters our eyes.  The children gave really knowledgeable presentations at the end of the session, some even having their own boffin names (looking at you Science Sam and Hydrogen Holly!)

On Friday we started a new D&T topic all about buliding free-standing structures.  The children were challenged with making a tower out of nothing more than paper and tape!  They did amazingly well, and the winning group managed a whopping 170cm!  I'll upload some photos next week.

Hopefull by now you have had your letter about our exciting trip to Liverpool in a few weeks time.  We have booked a session with the museum staff to help us with our Egyptian topic.  You can get a sense of what lies in store for us here:

We have also been sharing our homework projects, and once nore I have been really amazed by the effort and imagination that have gone into them.  Thank you again for your support with this.

Which brings us on to homework.  We have put a homework station in the classroom with worksheets that the children can choose from, to bring home.  This week we have put sheets on fractions, subordinating conjunctions and conjunctions out for them to pick from.  Please encourage your child to to use these as they support closely, the work we are doing in class.

Thanks again, and see you at parents' evening on Thursday.


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