Being Reasonable

Date: 13th Oct 2017 @ 3:57pm

Our maths this week continued our work on reasoning and problem solving.  There were some quite tricky challenges for the children to solve, but it was wonderful to see how they stepped up and came up with different ways to tackle them.  Well done to Year 5 who worked really as a group to find out what Joey's number was.  Year 4 worked with each other to solve a pattern riddle about coloured cubes, and then promptly worked against each other to set challenges for each other!  Whilst Year 6 were working in a very systematic way to find the answer to the teacup problem below.  I am really pleased with how they are developing their confidence in this way.  The mathematical fluency they are working on is vital, but hopefully this is a fun way to develop it.

In English we have been looking at David Walliams' work, and in particular his short stories about the World's Worst Children.  Well, we couldn't resist writing about Woore's worst children too.  The stories have been fun, exciting rude (just a little bit!), but most of all, they demonstrated how the children could adapt a writer's style to suit their own needs.  I am so proud of the results that we are working on typing them up and creating our book!

Of course Thursday was dominated by the Cross Country at Market Drayton.  All of Class 3 ran their hearts out, and it was marvelous to see them be cheered on by the rest of the class.  A special mention for Travis for coming second in the Year 5 race, but also to Ruby and Harry for helping children round the course (in Ruby's case, not even a child from our school).  I couldn't;t have been more proud.

Thank you to the parents, grandparents and carers who came to the workshop this week.  It was lovely to speak with you about the class and how we can support your child this year.

Next week is Assessment Week, with tests in Spelling, Reading and Grammar/Punctuation, along with tests in Maths.  So it will be busy and hard, but with a trip to the theatre on Wednesday as a reward (and half term too!) we should just about get there!

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