The purpose of FOWS is set out below (as an extract from the constitution):

The object of the organisation is to advance the education of the pupils in Woore Primary and Nursery School. In furtherance of this the organisation may:-

Develop more extended relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school.

Engage in activities that support the school and advance the education of the pupils attending it.Provide and assist in the provision of such facilities or items for the education at the school (not provided from statutory funds) as the Committee in consultation with the Governing Body shall from time to time determine.

Beyond the constitutional commitments of the organisation, we are more than just a PTA as our membership is drawn from the whole Village community. Our main event is the annual Woore Village Fete.

We support the teaching staff through voluntary participation in the school day. This includes helping in classrooms (for example providing additional reading practice), attendance on school trips and visits, and liaising or accompanying visitors to the school.  Our aims and Objectives for each year, combined with the fund-raising events that we organise to realise those aims and objectives, are based on those identified by the Head Teacher and the Governing Body

Some of our events are not only for the benefit of the School, but also supportive of national charities (such as Children in Need). In this way, pupils are given the opportunity to develop an awareness of the needs of, and problems faced by individuals and communities in the wider world.

What's being said

"Absolutely wonderful staff in a fantastic homely school"
- Parent questionnaire
"Teachers are always willing to go that extra mile to ensure lessons are fun, exciting and engaging"
- Parent questionnaire
"A lovely environment to learn and explore"
- Parent questionnaire
"I'm always made aware of my child's strengths and weaknesses and given ideas to help at home"
- Parent questionnaire
"Communication between staff and parents is excellent"
- Parent questionnaire
"My child is very happy at school"
- Parent questionnaire
"A wonderfully, inclusive village school with a nurturing ethos"
- Facebook Review

Woore Primary & Nursery School

London Road, Woore, Cheshire CW3 9SQ

Mrs M Ward (Headteacher), Marni Shapiro-Day/Rachel James (Administrators)

Mrs L Underwood (SEN), SEN Email: