Complaints Procedure

Woore Primary and Nursery School Complaints Procedure


Woore Primary and Nursery School operates an “open door” policy to allow parents/guardians/carers to raise their concerns with members of school staff before those concerns become a complaint. If however it is felt that these concerns have not been dealt with adequately enough and the

parent/guardian/carer wishes to raise a complaint the following procedure should be followed.


Stage One: Complaint Heard by Headteacher


It is in everyone's interest that complaints are resolved at the earliest possible stage.

Any complaint made is to be in writing, setting out the nature of the complaint.

Any complaint will be formally recorded by the school.

It is on the basis of this written record that the complaint is considered and appropriately directed whether, depending upon the nature of that complaint, the complaint is to be heard locally within the school or at county level. .

The school will respect the views of a complainant. All complaints will be considered objectively and impartially.

Should a complainant have difficulty discussing a complaint with the head teacher or where the complaint concerns the head teacher, the complaints coordinator should refer the complainant directly to the chair of governors.

Should the head teacher feel compromised by a complaint they may refer the complainant directly to the chair of governors.

Where a complaint is made directly to a governor, that governor will refer the complainant to the head teacher and advise the complainant on the complaints procedure.

Governors will not act unilaterally on an individual complaint or outside the formal complaints procedure or be involved at the early stages of any complaint.


Stage Two: Complaint Heard by Chair of Governors


If the complainant is not satisfied with the manner in which the complaint process has been followed or the complaint has not been resolved, the complainant may request that their complaint be considered by the chair of the governors. The chair of governors may investigate the complaint or may decide to agree with the original outcome.


Stage Three: Complaint Heard by the Governing Body Complaints Committee


If the complainant still considers their complaint has not been resolved, then the final stage of the school based complaints process is that the complainant should write to the chair of the governors’ complaints committee giving details of the complaint. 

The chair will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 10 days and ask the clerk to convene a Governing Body complaints committee meeting.

That meeting should, wherever possible, take place within three weeks (excluding school holidays) following acknowledgement of a complaint. A longer period maybe justified or necessary, however, the chair must inform the complainant of the reason for any delay.


The committee will not deal with any new issues or concerns introduced at this stage, either verbally or in writing, by the complainant.


Individual complaints will not be heard by the whole Governing Body at any stage.

The governing body will appoint a committee consisting of three or five members authorised to consider complaints.

The complaints committee will choose its own chair.

No school employees will be appointed to this committee.


The governing body may request a meeting with either the complainant and/or the person(s) who are subject to the complaint. If this is required, the complainant and the person(s) subject to the complaint are permitted to bring one supporter (friend, spouse, union representative, etc) to the meeting, should they so choose.


The Remit of the Complaints Committee


The committee can:


  • dismiss the complaint in whole or in part;
  • uphold the complaint in whole or in part;
  • decide on the appropriate action to be taken to resolve the complaint;
  • recommend changes to the school systems, procedures or policies to ensure that problems of a similar nature do not occur.


Notification of the Committee’s Decision


The chair of the committee will notify the complainant in writing of the outcome of their complaint, within seven days of the completion of the complaints committee investigation.

Summary of complaints procedure

A flowchart diagram is attached as a separate document below. This may be helpful as an overview of the various stages of the process described above and how the school and its governors will handle your complaint

Complaint Form

A complaint form is available here for you to download.

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